6 de octubre de 2007

¿Reza para tener niños?

Cuenta Bob Parks que en el Journal of Reproductive Medicine se publicó en su momento un artículo que "demostraba" que la oración doblaba el éxito de la fertilización in vitro a la hora de tener hijos. Bien, parece que al final mentir se paga. Copio y pego:

Our prayers were answered: The lead author took his name off the paper and resigned as chair of gynecology; another author landed in prison on an unrelated fraud conviction. The editor of JRM still refused to retract the article. This week, the remaining author, a businessman who owns fertility clinics in Los Angeles and Seoul, was charged by the editor of Fertility and Sterility with plagiarizing the work of a student in Korea on a different paper. The avenging angel was Bruce Flamm, M.D., UC Irvine, who has hounded the authors, Columbia, and JRM relentlessly since the paper was published.


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